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    The Conscious Tea Series: Meet Hart Skincare

    Welcome to the ‘Conscious Tea’ series – a space to share/ learn/ discover some of the incredible people of this planet that are making our world a better place one thoughtful action at a time. Setting an example of how we can all live our lives, a little more consciously.

    Let’s meet my first Guest: Hannah McGregor-Shenton of Hart Skincare!

    Hannah McGregor-Shenton, Hart Skincare Founder.

    I first came across Hart Skincare a few months ago, when I was on the hunt for some more local, organic and sustainable skincare. At first, I thought Hart’s packaging was beautiful, and the ingredients were quality, but the more I discovered about this brand (and it’s founder) the more I fell in LOVE!

    I met up with Hannah McGregor-Shenton, founder of Hart Skincare, a little over a month ago now. What struck me about her (aside from her awesome name – Hannah’s rule!) was her clear passion for all things eco-friendly and sustainability. Furthermore, her passion for empowering women to take charge of what they put on their bodies.

    Did you know- our bodies are exposed to over 700,000 toxic chemicals each day? Yikes!

    Hannah mindfully manufactures skincare products by hand to help us reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals that are often found in conventional skincare. Thanks Hannah!

    Did I mention, all of Hart Skincare’s range is as plastic free as possible, right from production to final product (again, Hannah’s just rule)!

    If I could use one word to describe Hannah, it would be: passionate. Hannah’s face literally lit up as we sat talking skin health, reproductive health and sustainability. Hart Skincare is the perfect combination of all these passions, creating unique products that are (& I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this) changing women’s lives for the better.

    Following this meeting, I sat down with Hannah to zone in on these passions, along with her Hart Skincare message and as a result, are now offering you an opportunity to get to know her, and her brand a little better!

    So grab a cuppa, and join me for the first profile of ‘The Conscious Tea’ – Lets meet Hannah McGregor-Shenton & her Hart Skincare!

    What is Hart Skincare? Tell us a little about your brand!

    I suppose the best way to put it would be to say that Hart Skincare is an Adelaide-based, handcrafted, thoughtful skincare brand with a focus on how the skin changes during each phase of the menstrual cycle.

    What drove you to start up your brand?

    When I first started to reduce my plastic waste and clean up my skincare products, I was having trouble finding low waste skincare products with truly natural ingredients. I would finally stumble across something that ticked all the packaging boxes. Then I would read the ingredients and pop it right back on the shelf. This search went on for some time and then when I was introduced to some DIY skincare books and I was fascinated, I was constantly trying to convince my friends to make their own products too, but they just didn’t have the time.

    I realised that someone really needed to bridge the gap between homemade, low impact and clean ingredient skincare and store bought skincare, but I didn’t think that could possibly be me. The more I pondered over starting my own skincare brand, the more I also noticed my own skin struggles; how my skin was constantly changing and the same routine wasn’t working for my skin from one week to the next. That’s when I found out about how our skin is impacted so greatly by our hormones and I asked myself, why is no one else talking about this in the skincare field? I felt so underrepresented as someone with constant skincare struggles and a desire for simple yet effective, minimalistic, long lasting, products. So I finally decided to get down to work and create just that.

    What does ‘wellness’ look like to you?

    Ooh this is a challenging one, I suppose wellness can be so varied and mean so many things to different people. To me it means that I am taking control of my own health, with awareness and consideration. A whole body, mind and spirit approach that helps to identify within myself if something feels different or strange. It means I can live without guilt or shame, yet acknowledge what my body needs; I can be perfectly imperfect.

    Name your number 1 skincare must (what should every skincare regime have?)

    A decent cleanser. If you can get the cleanser right, you rarely need to do much else to your skin. Since rotating my cleansers throughout each phase of my menstrual cycle, my skin has been so well balanced and rarely needs moisturising too!

    What is something people might not expect from you?

    You might expect this but you may not know that I live as close to zero waste as I can. It’s awesome and so freeing! There are a few things here and there (like packing tape) that still pop up every now and again that I’m still working on eliminating, but again, no guilt, no shame, perfectly imperfect. It’s been around a three year process so far.

    If you could invite three people to dinner (dead or alive), who would you invite? What would you serve for dinner?

    I would totally invite my Mum – I rarely get to see her as she lives in England, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack – her story is compelling, and Marie Forleo – I think she would be a lot of fun! We would have lots of organic, seasonally focussed, plant based meals, what we’ll make will totally depend on the produce.

    Your hopes for the world?

    I would love to live to see an innovative and conscious world where we constantly put the needs of the environment first. One where we are able to consume less and appreciate more.

    Where can we find you?

    Thanks so much for reading my little story, you can find me on instagram or Facebook @hartskincare and on my website hartskincare.com.au 

    Would you like to try Hart Skincare for yourself? Girl, I’ve got you covered! Use the code ‘CONSCIOUSLY10’ for 10% off the Seed Collection at checkout!

    Happy Shopping!


    Hannah x